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Quick Reminder: You Have the Power to Create

I had a birthday this week, which in normal years (or should I say, formerly normal years) would be a weeklong celebration of life and living and everything and everyone I love. Instead, this year, I have been feeling more low-key. Which is also fine, I might add. There is a lot of joy in low-key.

My birthday falls on what is now the anniversary of George Floyd's death, which only adds to my recognition of life's uncertainties and increases my urgency to help people find less violent ways to coexist by learning to understand and love and fully accept themselves first. You know, those important life skills that don't make their way onto any formal education curriculum.

Reminder #1: Stress impedes our ability to create

But then the news continued to overwhelm this week: war, mass shootings, monkey pox... I don't really need to go on, right? You're here; you know what's going on.

Suffice it to say, words have been escaping me and my mind. Plus, at times like these it feels almost selfish to create, selfish to go to a place I find joy when others are suffering.

Reminder #2: You are always creating your experience

But then I remembered something I teach all the time: We are always creating. And so if I'm going to be creating something anyway, I might as well make sure whatever it is that I'm doing, I'm doing with love. Who knows? Maybe it will be contagious.

Reminder #3: Start with small actions that move you in the right direction

And so I baked a rhubarb pie. Which was delicious, I might add. (Barefoot Contessa's pie crust recipe is the absolute best.) From there I arranged some flowers in a vase. And then I looked through the latest issue of one of my favorite magazines....And finally, refueled, I was able to get back to pen and paper and write. Without guilt. With compassion.

Reminder #4: It all matters. What you create matters.

What landed on the page is posted below. It ended up being a creative exercise in taking a run-on sentence, and instead of using punctuation, starting a new line. For me, it was an outpouring of exploring what is possible, should we all so choose.

What might happen if you follow your heart, and break free from limiting thoughts and beliefs put on you by others? And I think that's where I've landed with my birthday wish this year: May we all remember our unique individual power to create and choose wisely for the benefit of all of us.


The World We Create

Sometimes I want to bake something

but I haven’t been to the store

so I dig around my cupboards looking for ingredients I already have

to measure and mix and stir into life

filling my house with happy smells that bring me a sense of joy

and of being complete in that moment

with my goods I baked

grateful for my cupboard and my baking skills

and the ability to create.

Writing feels very similar to me

digging around my memories

looking for ingredients I already have

finding words and thoughts and ideas to cobble together

like stones on a path

leading me somewhere I might feel complete

with my hopes and possibilities in tow

grateful for my dreams and my writing skills

and the calling to create.

And then there are times when it’s all laid bare

jolted empty by an earthquake

humanity destroying humanity

berating humanity

controlling humanity

as wolf in sheep’s clothing weave

with an angry thread

longing for significance

in a space of no peace

and in the raging they create.

I don’t know where this darkness comes from

or if it even has a name

but perhaps it all began when

choosing to eat the apple

we started running

shifting away from ourselves

and our true nature

while silently longing for Eden

and ever since that moment

shrouding what’s innate

and our power to create.

I do know we have the ingredients we need

an earth rich with resources to fuel and feed

minds to envision and bodies to build

able to love one another

as we crave to be loved

and if ever we so choose

launch a tsunami of compassion

restoring the true freedom we’ve sought all along

gratefully living out each moment together

complete in our Eden of Peace

relishing that we create.


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