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Let''s explore how:

The quality of your communication can impact the quality of your life. 


Also known as your inner narrative, or inner voice, your self-talk can affect how you feel about life and respond to the world around you.

Is your self-talk working for you, or against you?


Also known as dyadic communication, your 1:1 interactions can affect the way you develop and maintain relationships, and how well you resolve conflicts and express emotions. 

Do your relationships reflect mutual trust, respect, and a shared understanding?

5 Focus Areas

Let''s start with these


Small Groups

Also known as interpersonal communication, navigating these interdependent relationships, can affect the integrity of your work, the strength of your collaborations, and the confidence you have in your self-worth.

Do your group relationships leave you feeling appreciated, supported, and energized?

Mass Media

Social media is your personal form of mass communication.  This is your 24/7 engagement with the larger world and includes a mix of people you know and people you don't. 

Is the way you're engaging inspiring or overwhelming you?

Large Groups

This more formal presentation style typically takes more planning if you want to make sure the message you intended to send is the message that's received.

Do your ideas connect and make it through the noise?
Here's the good news:

You can learn simple ways to engage for better results

When you communicate more effectively, it's easier to connect with others. Which means it's easier to share your ideas, foster collaboration, influence outcomes, and live authentically.

Whether it's your inner voice working against you, the way you present yourself to others, or what you tune into, building these skills will help you make sure your life is taking you where you want to go.

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Not sure where to start?

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