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Hey! Thanks for Being Here.

Here are a few things about me, not related to my work life.  If you're interested in my learning and development work, you can check that out here: About | Vis Activa


Here's a more personal note: I have never been comfortable being put in a box, as we humans have the tendency (or innate need) to do to each other.

To me, a well-lived life offers you the opportunity to explore all the various aspects of yourself, and to cobble these together in a way that allows you to live more authentically.

So why don't more people live this way?  The truth is it's not always easy.  This approach requires moxie, an unrelenting curiosity, a desire to actualize the true self, and unbound compassion.   

In my journey, it has also required my ongoing commitment to fully experience my own successes and failures as I go, learn from them, and then use what I've learned to help others.

This space is where I will share what I am exploring and learning, in its raw, incomplete form.  To see my more fully baked work, click the link below.

Thank you again for being here!

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