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Consider this:

 How Do You
Connect & Engage with the People in Your World?

For starters:

Think about all the people skills it takes to successfully move through any given day.

People skills cover all of those things we do that can either add to or detract from how well we're able to socially relate to or interact with other people. And while we use them everywhere, we usually talk most about them in context of the work environment.

Typical people skills include competencies such as flexibility, assertiveness, decision making, problem solving, and stress management. 


You might have also heard these referred to as soft skills.

But have you ever noticed:

All people skills require communication.

Communication is the starting point for everything. Whether it's how you motivate yourself, or how you get things done through others, your success is impacted by how well you communicate.

Which means:

Your communication skills hold the key to the quality of your daily life.

Your ability to recognize all of your emotions, ideas, thoughts, and feelings and then internally process and translate them in such a way that is accurate and authentic and allows for others to connect and engage with them, all comes down to your communication skills.  

And the same holds true for how you receive and engage with others' perspectives as well. This back-and-forth process is what we call the "communication cycle."  

Abstract Shapes

Or put another way:

Communication is defined as the process by which we assign and convey meaning in our efforts to create a shared understanding.

When You Think about it:

Having good communication skills is even more critical in Modern Life

We have access to more ways than ever before to communicate. We can communicate faster, broader, and with or without words.


And yet...

All these tools have not made us any better at communicating in a way that improves our quality of life. We still struggle with the same things we've always struggled with.


And here's why:

Because at the end of the day, effective communication is not about the technology, it's about the individual.

It all starts and ends with you.

And here's the truth:

Being a good communicator takes work 

It requires a hearty combination of self-awareness + skills + a willing attitude.


Here's How I Can Help 

My work centers around 4 key aspects for building more effective people skills, with a focus on communication skills. I've outlined these below.  While you can opt to focus on any of them depending on your goals, I have found that starting with discovering "Your WHY" gives you the best foundation and insights to build from -- no matter the outcome you're seeking. 

Abstract Shapes


Your WHY

Research has shown that what motivates the way you view and interact with the world is largely determined by your WHY.

Understanding and being able to express your WHY, as well as recognizing and understanding the WHYs of others, is a critical first step in more effective communication.


Emotional Intelligence

EQ is a skillset that influences your ability to use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way.

This includes your ability to coach, innovate, share insights, and inspire confidence in your team members, and can make the difference in your success, and theirs.


Communication Skills

When you communicate more effectively, it's easier to connect with others. Which means it's easier to share your ideas, foster collaboration, influence outcomes, and live authentically.

Building these skills will give you the foundation you need to make sure your life is taking you where you want to go.


Supportive Habits

Habits are estimated to influence roughly 95% of daily behaviors, which means any shift you want to make in life has a better chance of sticking if it's designed to meld with your routine in a way that it can more effortlessly become a habit. 

These small changes in daily habits add up over time.

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Just A bit

About Me

I believe that every individual has the right, innate ability, and responsibility to reach their full potential and make a positive impact in their world.


If you share this philosophy, we might be a good fit.


I have found that success happens when we think outside the box. I do this by helping my clients solve complex and challenging problems. Ultimately what can expect is that when we work together, you will get creative solutions that you can trust to be accurate, meaningful and impactful.

For over 30 years as a learning & development consultant, soft skills trainer, coach, and facilitator, I've been helping individuals, teams, and organizations build the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to make their unique difference and thrive.


Using my expertise in interpersonal, small group, and organizational communication is my way of helping others forge their own paths to personal success, authentic living, and overall wellbeing.

Take the first step, contact me, and together we will design the right program for your needs.


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