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Finding Your Way Home

I have a little something different for you today. Sometimes I wake up with words asking to be brought out from their slumber to manifest reality. This is one of those magical combinations that just appeared and stayed long enough for me to transmute them from the ether. I hope they light up your imagination and plant some seeds for your own gentle dreams to delight your spirit. Enjoy!

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Somewhere between

The earth and sky

Lives a place I call my home

Beyond the trees

Where rivers meet

And green hills

Gently roam

Grass carpet rolls

Its welcome path

In joyful celebration

To swim in pools

While moonbeams dance

With starstruck



Like sconces light

A mossy bridge of stones

Winds whisper, Come!

Bring all of you

You’ll never

Be alone

Gem pavers wind

Across divides

To heal the fractured soul

And that is where

you’ll find me, here

this place that

keeps me whole


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